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building your pool

Step # 1 - Permitting

Obtain a pool permit to begin construction. Permits are governed and issued by the city or county in which you live. We'll secure an official permit for you.

Step # 2 - Layout & Excavation

The shape and position of your pool will be "layed out" using spray paint. The outline will serve as a guide for our excavators to dig and you'll see your pool begin to take shape.

Step # 3 - Plumbing & Steel

We'll use high grade schedule 40 PVC piping to plumb your motor, pump, cleaning system and water features. Your new pool will get a skeleton of steel that is contoured to the shape of your pool in a ridged grid.

Step # 4 - Electrical

A licensed, professional electrical contractor will carefully make all of the electrical connections in your pool using National Electrical Code approved conduit, wire and bonding.

Step # 5 - Gunite

Gunite is a mixture of sand, cement, and water.  This advanced formula is shot from a hose onto the steel grid by an experienced gunite crew to provide a tough, durable pool shell. You will need to "wet" the gunite for 10 days, twice daily.

Step # 6 - Water Features, Boulders

If applicable, rock waterfall or accent boulders will be added.

Step # 7 - Tile

You can select from dozens of glazed ceramic tiles or popular stone-look tiles to be hand-laid and carefully grouted around the waterline of your pool. Or add decorative mosaic tiles to be placed on your pool's steps or swimout for added beauty.

Step # 8 - Interior Surfacing

Once your pool passes your city's building inspection, an experienced surfacing crew will apply the pool interior of your choice. Our surfacing crews use extra care to create a seamless interior finish where steps and walls meet the pool floor.

Step # 9 - Start Up

Our start up technician will finish the installation of your pool's cleaning system and label all your pool's equipment. After balancing the pool's water chemistry, he will start up your new pool and assure everything is running properly.

Step # 10 - Orientation

Lastly, our orientation specialist will visit your home and meet with you one-on-one to familiarize you with the operation of your new pool.

Time to swim!
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