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designing your pool

At Atlantis Pools, an experienced, licensed pool designer will work with you closely, listening to your expectations and dreams of what type of pool, water features and backyard needs that you wish to have for your backyard oasis! Once you are in agreement of all the necessary items requested, the pool designer will design your pool and present it to you with a cost estimate.  The pool designer's goal is to design the best pool for you - working within your budget!


Once you have selected a design, you can begin choosing all of the materials needed for your pool!


You will have fun picking out your favorite materials for your pool design such as:  Tile, Plaster, Coping & Decking!


We use only the best products in the pool industry such as Noble Tile and National Pool Tile.


Atlantis Pools takes pride in using the best quality pool & spa products available from Jandy. 

Jandy has been in business for over 50 years and uses products that offer the convenience, performance and advanced technology you demand. 

Click here to learn more about Jandy.

Ask about our 3D Pool Design!

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